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POL 141.H The American Political System
Center for Responsive Politics
  • Congressional campaign finance filings
  • Personal Finance Disclosure Reports
  • Open Secrets
  • Data searchable by name, state, Political Action Committee, or individual
  • Special analyses include contributors by occupation or zip code and candidates receiving the most out-of-state money
Federal Election Commission
  • Summary receipts and disbursements of Presidential and all Congressional candidates in 1996
  • Detailed files with individual contributors for 1993/94 and 1995/96 must be downloaded
Project Vote Smart
  • Extensive annotated links to Presidential and Congressional campaign finance web sites
  • Biographies, lobby group ratings, and answers to the National Political Awareness Test
Political Advocacy Groups
  • A directory of United States Lobbyists arranged by name and subject
  • Subject listing provides address, phone number, brief description, and web link if available
Registered Federal Lobbyist Database
  • Search by name of lobbyist or lobby group, client, or subject interest
  • Data provides name of lobbyists and semiannual dollar amount devoted to lobbying
Congressional Universe
  • Floor votes are found under the MEMBERS section
  • Votes
    • Searchable by bill number and Congress
    • Provides data on members
    • Sort by vote type
House of Representative Roll Call Votes
  • Votes tracked by Clerk of the House beginning 1997
  • Table provides vote number, bill number, brief description, and result of vote
  • Click on vote number for a summary of yeas and nays by party and for votes of individual members
Senate Floor Votes
  • List of floor votes in reverse chronological order beginning with 1989
  • Individual votes subarranged by yea and nay, then Senator's last name
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks
  • Extensive links of think tanks arranged by country
Political Science Resources on the Web
  • If all else fails, use this comprehensive resource from the University of Michigan's Document Center